Laptop Charger L Pin For Macbook

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  • High protection: overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection.
  • Compatible with MacBook air mode number: A1237 A1244 A1269 A1270 A1304 A1369 A1370 A1374. Model: MC505 MC506 MC968 MC969 MC965 MC966 MC503 MC504 MC233 MC234 MB003
  • Quality assurance: 45W Power Adapter Charger
  • Intelligent output and protection, avoid sparks, overheat, overcurrent.

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  • 45W MagSafe Power Adapter for MacBook Air

Compatible with the following Macbook models:

  • Macbook Air 11-inch, Late 2010, A1370 series MC505 MC506 MC906 MC505x/A MC506x/A; MC505B/A MC505LL/A MC506B/A MC506LL/A MC906LL/A
  • MacBook Air 11-inch, Mid 2011, A1370 series MC968 MC969 MC906 MC968x/A MC969x/A MC906x/A; MC968B/A MC969B/A MC906B/A MC968LL/A MC969LL/A MC906LL/A
  • Macbook Air 13-inch, Early 2008, A1237 series MB003 MB003x/A; MB003B/A MB003LL/A
  • Macbook Air 13-inch, Late 2008, A1304 series MB543 MB940 MB543x/A MB940x/A; MB543B/A MB940B/A MB543LL/A MB940LL/A
  • Macbook Air 13-inch, Mid 2009, A1304 series MC505 MC233 MC234 MC505x/A MC233x/A MC234x/A; MC233B/A MC234B/A MC505B/A MC23LL/A MC234LL/A MC505LL/A
  • Macbook Air 13-inch, Late 2010 et Mid 2011, A1369 series MC503 MC905 MC965 MD226 MD508 MC503x/A MC905x/A MC965x/A MD226x/A MD508x/A; MC503B/A MC905B/A MC965B/A MD226B/A MD508B/A


  1. Do not use the charger with wrong model.
  2. Put it at a dry and cold place when charging.


  • The 45 Watt MagSafe Power Adapter features a powerful magnetic connector as well as a durable cord that will stay intact and safe from fraying even after going through numerous bends and charges.
  • When the connection is secure, an LED located at the head of the connector lights up; a yellow light lets you know that your notebook is charging, while a green light tells you that you have a full charge.


  • Strong power cord with L-Tip MagSafe adapter

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Laptop Charger L Pin For Macbook

KES4899KES5200 (-6%)

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